Inspired by the creative process, Alice Mintzer has worked at many of the leading advertising agencies in New York. She has significant global experience throughout Europe, Asia, South America and Latin America. Alice brings creative concepts to life by her gift of bringing talented directors, editors, music and sfx talent to her team. Her diverse body of work, attention to detail and strength in seeing the big picture has solidified her role as a reputable leader in Advertising. Alice has established success on campaigns with multiple celebrities like Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Kate Winslet, Wes Anderson and Ellen DeGeneres for AMEX. Her work in Television, Cinema, Digital and Integrated Production has garnered numerous awards. Most notably, her ad for Coca Cola is featured as part of the permanent collection in MoMA's broadcast library, as well as winning an Emmy for the Ellen DeGeneres "Animals" spot.  

Alice’s experience as a leader, mentor and a great client partner contributes to her creative success. She has launched the careers of many of the industry's most successful broadcast producers and has earned the utmost respect from clients, colleagues and vendors alike.